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03-30-08 20:57
03-28-08 15:27
So pretty much on my day off in over a week and a half, I've done absolutely nothing of importance.

The only accomplishment I've achieved so far is getting further in Zelda, and then like a dumbass I switched games and forgot to save it, thus losing about two hours of my life. Good times.

Brandon came over to kick my ass in Super Smash Bros, and then the tables were turned when I realised I'm way better. Hahaha, you suck. And then he left me to go hang out with friends that are apparently much more entertaining.

I was also thinking of going to work today, but I've decided it would be more fun to get trashed, so that's what I'm going to do. I'm a very responsible adult, as you can all see.

Happy Friday, or something like that.
03-21-08 23:29
So the other day while attempting to purchase a few items for a gas station, I handed my debit card to the cashier and it got denied. Confused, I asked them to run it as credit, denied. I apologised adn booked it outta there. Not the first time it's happened, ugh.

So later that night I go to my bank's ATM at a grocery store and get my balance. 222, with -1.02 available. I'm just like, WTF?? I should definitely have that money available to me, this is ridiculous. So I practically run all the way home (yeah, no car or license), so I can check my account online.

Come to find out, there's been like 9 $1 charges, one for 95 dollars, 65, and 40. I immediately call my bank and tell them all these charges were made that I didn't do. And they just today sent me this form to fill out for the claim, and they want all the transactions and amounts blah blah, and they're changing on my account. The dollar charges are gone, and the one for 90 is now 1.95. So.. I don't know what that means? I'm going to my bank tomorrow to see if someoen can help me fill it out. Hahha. I fail at life, pretty much.

But! I did get paid today, and it was a lot more than I was expecting. And I've done a little bit of overtime this week, and hope to next week, so yeah, I'll be rich. Woo!
03-18-08 00:01
Exciting day, yesterday.

First, I woke up an hour and a half AFTER I was supposed to be at work. And my only option was to use a sick day, so I was pretty pissed about that.

So I went about my day stomping around like the world owed me something, and then I realised the error of my ways and tried to enjoy my day off. I really should have gotten something done, but about the most worthwhile thing was buying a 20 dollar freaking mop that runs on batteries. It's one of those Swiffer Wetjet things. One of my friends thought they were being smart by pointing out to me that we really only have one floor area, which is the kitchen, but I want my kitchen to sparkle, damnit!

But as the day progressed, it got better. First, I remembered to do my taxes finally (at least the federal part, still working on state) and realised with that money going into my bank account within two weeks, I had enough money to buy my tickets to PHILLY!!! To see my lovely, dearest Carrie Bear who's been a good online friend for.. god, almost four years now. I was going to wait until mid April when I got my paycheck that didn't need to go to any bills, but I found a good price (200 roundtrip from Omaha) and good flight times, so I decided to nab it.

I'm very, very excited to have something to look forward to again. I think that's just what I need to keep surviving, just that little thing to work toward. So now I have this trip to be excited about and countdown to, and when I'm working overtime I know that money is going to go towards that trip (among other things, but this is the most interesting) so that's a motivator. The world is looking up, Elowel!

AND ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it's little known, but a few months ago my roommate made the mistake of sorta jokingly saying I could get a dog, which to say the least was a bad idea. I ended up getting it in my head that I then really wanted a dog, and even proceeded to start looking at some. Well, one day I went to the pound and found one I really liked and put together this elaborate scheme that I would house him at a friends house for a fee and wait until I could move out and take him. Needless to say, day of adoption some jerk off was there before me, so I left empty handed.

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway. My roommate was very against the idea of getting another animal when it came right down to it, because he already has a cat and his cat has been having some health issues as of late that could be stress related.

So I don't know if he'd been drinking heavily or was possibly coming off a robbery adrenaline rush (just kidding, he doesn't do that.. at least, not that I'm aware of..) but he comes waltzing in with a bundle of white fur in his arms strongly resembling a cat. It's unfortunate I didn't have a more enthused reaction, but I honestly thought at first it was just a friend's cat, and then when he said we were going to 'give her a try out' I thought he was kidding.

But she is so lovely, and she is so mine. He said, 'Well, they were just going to give her to the pound anyway, and I thought she could be your cat.' to which I replied, 'I certainly don't object.' and thus Lemon is now added to the household. Apparently the people giving her away had received her from another owner about four or five days ago, and were now bored with her because all she did was hide. A stupid reason to give an animal away after such a short time, but I'm not complaining.

Although I've definitely learned right off the bat she does have a very strong affinity for hiding. It partly seems out of fright, but it may also just be a general comfort for her, because I stuck her on my bed and sat and petted her and she seemed okay, but then I checked back up about an hour later and she was sleeping soundly behind my dresser. So I may need to think of a more suitable place for her to 'hide'. Maybe a kitty bed with a curtain or something.

So that was my day. Now I'm off to do something until I go to sleep.
03-09-08 00:06
Saturday, March 8th of 2008 has now been officially labeled worst. day. ever.

I went to work hungover as a motherfucker because I'm an idiot (you're shocked, right?) and also remembered that I'd signed up for an additional 2 1/2 hours to work tonight.

Then, during my break inbetween my shifts, I attempted to eat chinese food and I don't know why, but it hurt my throat so much I was almost in tears.

Then, I came home to chill for a minute, and got thrown into all sorts of drama. Apparently last night, some friends gave my roommate 20 dollars to buy something, and I apparently took it (I'm using apparently because I had been drinking, and I also heard two different stories, so who really knows). So they come by tonight to pick it up, I have no idea what they're talking about because I don't remember this exchange of money, and they FLIP SHIT. Start screaming and yelling and I'm just like, 'What the fuck, it's 20 dollars?' so I'm like, 'Dude, I'm sorry if I lost your money, but I have to get back to work, when I get home at 10 I'll look for it or give you a 20, but I don't have any cash on me now.'

So instead of being sane people and understanding that people do dumb shit, they decided they were going to sit at my house for 2 1/2 hours and be complete assholes to my roommate. So I return, give them their money, and just want them to get the fuck out, and now they're refusing to leave because now they want us to go get their shit. WHAT THE MOTHER FUCKING FUCK? You just waited at my house for 2 hours to get 20 dollars because for some reason it'll be the end of the world if you don't get it, cause it's not like you don't know where I live and I don't work with one of you, so I'm just going to skip town with your 20 bucks. Yep, that's what I was planning.

So at this point, my roommate is completely fed up (and honestly, if I'd been the one that stayed at the house, he would not have been sitting there for 2 1/2 hours, if you yell at me over something completely ridiculous, your ass is out, I don't play games) and calls the cops. My mind is still blown how 20 dollars just lost me two friends, there is absolutely no angel I could look at this situation and see it from their end. If it was like, 50 dollars, that's understandable. Or 20 dollars and I said sorry for ya, you're out. Never at any point did I tell them I wouldn't either look more later or give them another 20.

but they left before the cops ever came and now I just have one less phone number in my contacts I guess.

then in an attempt to save the evening, the three of us went out to a party and it was super lame. You had the typical swarm of 16 year olds trying to look cool with their beer cups, the swarm of hardcore gangstaaaaaaaaaaaaaas, and oddly enough, some old people. Well, more drama starts off when I guess some guy hit a girl, and then some dude was having a seizure..

BUT! There was a highlight, and probably my saving grace for the night. As Ariel and I are heading out the door waiting for Melino, an ambulance goes by with their sirens. I don't think anything of it, and as I'm walking up to Ariel's car, I just see this swarm (seeing a pattern here? there were a LOT of people at that party) of people running out the back of the house, jumping over the backyard fence. It pretty much looked like they were crossing into the United States with border patrol on their ass.

So I tell a couple people that it was just an ambulance, I saw it go by, and word spreads and people start trickling back in. And as we're getting in the car to leave, a real cop does show up AND I GOT TO SEE IT AGAIN! It was so awesome seeing all those people run back out and over the fence for a second time.

And then we went to a bar before last call, got myself a free rum and coke, started playing pool and all seemed good and well and then.. surprisingly, MORE DRAMA! Three dudes ganged up on one and just started beating THE SHIT out of him. The bartenders start screaming for them to break it up or go outside and they're not listening of course, so they call the cops and then decide to kick everyone out 10 minutes early. Didn't get to finish my drink or the game.

So, to sum everything up: Felt like shit, a lotta drama, called the cops, ran away from the cops, and played pool.

After all of this, I think what I'm going to do now is plop down on my couch, turn on the boob tube, and find me something good to watch and try to block out this day, which I can now officially do after documenting it, so now if need be I can come back to this entry to refresh my memory, otherwise it will no longer occupy any space of my mind.

Goodnight, elowel.
02-25-08 17:50
dear e-harmony,

just because you pay people to say, 'we're real!' and show a video camera and curtain in the background of your commercial does not mean i will actually think these people are real. you're lame.

02-15-08 06:00
I just wanted to say TGIF!!!!

I have another 12 hour shift ahead of me but then I'll be off for two whole days. And in those two days I will not be joining civilization, instead I will be sleeping. A lot. And it'll be fantastic.

Also, my training class ends today which means I won't get another one until April, which also means I DONT HAVE TO DRESS UP! WOO! All around hopefully going to be a good day.
02-09-08 17:41
I am such an idiot.

I lost my phone a few days ago, and I've been so busy working that I haven't had the time to thoroughly look for it. Something you must understand about the situation is, though, that generally whenever anything goes missing, the first place to look is under the couch.

Which I did, but when I couldn't find it the first time, I figured I would really need to get up in there. You know, move the couch out, flip it upside down, inspect every inch of it. By the time this is done I'm good and sweaty and pretty damn pissed that I still CANNOT find my cellphone.

So I'm sitting at work, looking for a pen in my purse, and what do you know, here floats up my cellphone from the bottom of it. What the hell?! I seriously looked in my purse like 85 million times. I'd look in it 5 seconds after I'd just looked in it to really make sure it was not in there. HOW COULD IT BE IN THERE AND I DIDN'T SEE AND/OR FEEL IT? Granted, it was floating around in a hole I have at the bottom of my bag, but still. Absolutely ridiculous.

Oh well, can't complain I guess, I saved myself the money and hassle of buying a new phone.
02-05-08 20:47
My job is so lame. They're closing two hours early tonight because of the 'expected bad weather'. Yeah it was snowing, hello, it's Nebraska. But it's really not that bad, and it pretty much has stopped by now, at least down here.

At least I get to wear jeans tomorrow because of it. Lolz.

In other news.. um, well there really isn't too much 'other news'. I'm going to be getting a dog here shortly which will be fun (and I'm sure my roommate's cat also agrees). And that's about it. So.. I'm out.
01-24-08 06:33
I got promoted at work.

It's not a payraise, but a fancier title and my own email address.

One step closer to ruling the world.
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